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"The-Satirist" is a humor site that will parody, satirize, joke about, and make interesting observations about anything I can think of.


I just saw on the news that Google and another website removed pictures of the first lady Michelle Obama from their sites and indexes. Let me address thisÖ

I saw comments that this was racist. What? Many of this countries officials have been portrayed as monkeys or apes The most common, memorable and prolific are the pictures of President G.W. Bush. No one has ever made a stink about, or caused anyone to remove an image or apologize for this type of portrayal. I think there is not only a double standard for this type of political commentary and parody or satire, but too much sensitivity to anything relating to this current administration.

Our president is a man like any other. He achieved his current status through intelligence and hard work. No man who has done what he has done is an idiot even though we seem to think so. President Obama graduated from Harvard Law. He above all others should know that these things happen and are part of constitutionally protected speech. Anyone who is yelling about the race issue should realize that this is not about race as much as itís about politics. Yes there are racists. You canít get rid of them, but we should not be so stupid as to think that everything is about race. I personally, as Iím sure many do, forget about race when it comes to the office of the president until itís mentioned.

What does this whole thing say about our current administration? Our nation? Ourselves? Do we have nothing else to do other than focus on the color of our president?

We as a country have gone too soft. No wonder other nations see us as weak. We have become a nation of crybabies.


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